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Amatech uses the Amazon as an open-air laboratory; the physical HQ of the METAMAZONIA SUSTAINABLE RESERVE and a state-of-the-art bench test for science and technology, including Big Data technologies, sensors and drones, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, IoT, bio-mimicry robotics, satellite & remote sensing imagery, 3D modelling & data visualization, image recognition, Environmental DNA Analysis and many more. Our innovations will directly support the four pillars of EBCF; Climatic, Environmental, Social and Economic recovery, resilience and sustainable growth for the Amazon rainforest, the communities that live there - and the world.


AMATECH is the center of an international innovation ecosystem that brings together industry partners, universities and investors to develop, launch and scale science and technology to combat the climate emergency.

EBCF & Imperial College of London established a partnership for pre-creation of technological building blocks, with 4 initial projects:

Forest _edited.png

Detection and prevention of

forest fires

Forest _edited.png

Forest Music - Non-tangible forest resources

Forest _edited.png

Tree climbing robot for exploration of non-timber resources 

Forest _edited.png

Community training for content generation for the Reserve

Captura de Tela 2021-12-27 às 18.25.54.png

Imperial College London / Metamazonia student project “Aligning sustainability of the rainforest, with the needs of its inhabitants”.

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