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Totally aligned with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), We Are Amazonians is a Global Sustainability Program created in 2009 to promote Amazon Rainforest conservation, biodiversity protection, the sustainable development of traditional communities, and CO2 emissions reduction. 

Aiming to help public and private organizations worldwide with their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance ESG commitment, We Are Amazonians is now moving into the next stage of its development and building a legacy to humanity and the planet.

Although independent, We Are Amazonians thrives with the support of purpose-driven individuals, organizations, foundations, sustainability investors, impact funds, and accredited partners who help fund and execute projects with accountability and transparency.

In order to take this groundbreaking, worldwide effort that impacts thousands of people and organizations to the next level, We Are Amazonians joined forces with the Amazon Protection Foundation by creating the Amazon Protection Foundation Global Sustainability Program – We are Amazonians to become an international instrument of change as a world-class role model for sustainable development.

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