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The Amazon Protection Foundation is a not for profit foundation certified by the US government as a 501- C3 and headed by a world leading board of environmentalists, innovators and ambassadors.

Its VALUES are to lead by example, promoting and exemplifying sustainability, equality, servant leadership, accountability and transparency.


Amazon Protection Foundation's MISSION is to promote, develop and execute the Global Sustainability Program - We Are Amazonians, so that its vision for humanity and the planet can be fulfilled.

The Amazon Protection Foundation is dedicated to excelling in addressing the Triple Bottom Line of Integrated Reporting:

People: Across all activities, to support the engagement of local communities, co-creating and co-innovating such that the people own the solutions developed and that those solutions make a real and positive difference to their daily lives and open up new life experiences and opportunities.

Planet: The use of science, technology and innovation to develop solutions to our greatest challenges, and allow us to tackle our biggest opportunities.

Profit: Supporting the creation of conditions for sustainably harvesting, processing and supplying.

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According to the CEO Terry Tamminen, the Amazon Protection Foundation's VISION for the next 10 years is bold:

  • Protection of 5 million Hectares (12 million acres) of Native Forests;

  • Promote the sustainable development for 1 million traditional people;

  • Reduction of 1 billion tons of CO2 and tokenize it into digital security;

  • Enable and champion sustainable;

  • Embed blockchain technology for carbon credits securitization and create a ”carbon asset backed token”.

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