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AMABANK is being created with a noble purpose: to establish and consolidate itself as the main Digital Bank on the planet with the purpose of generating resources for application in the reduction of CO2 emissions, combating deforestation and promoting the sustainable development of traditional communities and riverside, notably in the Amazon region.

The formula designed by its founders is of enormous simplicity: part of the revenue

generated from its operations will go to programs and projects that work to combat Global Warming, Climate Change, Poverty and Deforestation in the Amazon Forest.

A bank with a purpose & a purpose with a bank.

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We built our model on three pillars

We were born as a digital bank and with our partner Live On Bass we propose to bring the best experience for the user based on the technology, which it increases efficiency in the most diverse aspects.

ESG Amazon

Creating value through sustainability is one of ourmain reasons to exist. Due to this pillar, we allocate partof our revenue to the We are Amazonians program, the result of partnership with the Brazilian Forest Conservation Company.

Blockchain (Phase 2)

In line with the company's purpose, we believe that Digital-Assets are an instrument of economic empowerment, providing a way for individuals to participate in a global monetary system.


Planet & People over Profit!

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