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Amacash Blockchain DMCC, based out of Dubai (DMCC) with subsidiaries in Brasil and USA, is our most pioneer and disruptive greentech start-up, its a Tezos blockchain based Loyalty & Coalition Platform with rewards in digital assets.

As part of Amagroup, we use technological innovations from our disruptive green tech and digital assets vehicles to finance and promote our environmental assets, products and services, thus, helping the world to transition to a more sustainable economy for the future generations.

Global Loyalty & Coalition Platform

Have you ever wished that your points and benefits you collect with all your credits card and loyalty programs would allow you to:

Choose what to do and how to use (savings, investment, cash and international payment)


Send and receive to your friends directly from digital wallet to digital wallet

(peer to peer)


Buy and sell on banks and exchanges around the world accordingly to clear pricing and market rules


Real possibility of raising in its value instead of losing value along the years

Welcome to the future of your loyalty program!
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Disruptive, pioneer and innovative.
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